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4 Passive Ways To Create Investor Leads


Creating investor leads isn’t going to be a priority for all public companies. In fact, many are actively trying to decrease the number of shareholders they need to keep communicating with. For those IROs seeking new shareholders however, these simple tips can be a great way to collect the odd investor lead without having to lift a finger (or a toe).

Upload investor decks to Slideshare

This should really be a no-brainer. Slideshare makes it really easy, not only to upload content, but also to throw a lead capture form on your online materials. We suggest clients upload analyst presentations, investor decks, and even videos where appropriate. The advantage of Slideshare is that the lead capture form can be displayed at various different points in the presentation – OR on downloads of the document. So rather then someone simply downloading the powerpoint from your investor relations website, this way you’ll grab their contact details and be able to research them before setting up a meeting.

Don’t forget those videos too. It might seem like a lot of work, but uploading a video is no harder than uploading an infographic or a powerpoint. By putting the lead capture form 80 seconds into the video, most users (about 65%, according to some case studies) will submit their details in order to continue viewing. Boom! Investor Lead.

Create a Twitter Card

We honestly couldn’t have explained the process for using Twitter Cards much better than the video below does. Enjoy!

Place Signup Walls on PDFs

Even if you’re not comfortable using Slideshare to store your documents, there’s still a way to capture investor leads on documents. Signup walls are simply a request for an email address in order to download or view a PDF document online. Almost all web hosts or design firms will be able to provide this fuctionality. There is no Reg FD restriction on requesting an email address in order for a visitor to download documents. Talk to your web host about setting up email captures and see how many come in. HINT: there will be more at earnings time or if you promote the documents across your Social Media accounts.

Employ IP Lead Tracking

This is a strategy that’s yet to really take off when it comes to public comanies and investor relaitons departments. IP Tracking is a technique commonly used by inbound marketers when trying to figure out who exactly is visiting their website and viewing their content. It works by tracking the IP address of the visitor and matching this against a known database and the Internet Service Provider. It’s commonly used to create drip campaigns and enhanced profiles and personas for customer leads.

The biggest proponents are Hubspot and Infusionsoft but there are many online services that will provide something like this. We’ve heard rumours that BusinessWire has been working on a product that includes IP Tracking, and when we get access to a demo, we’ll provide a review for y’all. In the meantime, check out Hubspot as it’s the most advanced product out there today with this feature.

The only disadvantage with IP tracking is that if you haven’t set up the rest of the marketing software, you’re really only going to know the name of company that the lead works at, which means you’ll need to do some digging thereafter to drill down on the individual you should contact. But it’s definitely a better starting point to have than nothing at all.

Tim Howard

Tim is our CEO at IR Smartt Inc. He leads the strategy and business development teams, driving the company forward. Tim's previous professional experience included extensive work in Journalism and Online Publishing.