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A Handy Earnings Glossary

Tom Beevers over at Stockviews [1], who’s more entertaining than us, and more cynical, has compiled a handy list of things CEOs commonly say on earnings calls, and what they actually mean. The whole list is worth a read, but here are some favorites (Hat tip to the always excellent @jamessaft:

We take a long term view I’m already wondering if we’ll make next quarter’s numbers   Great question… Why did you have to ask that…?   This deal has strategic importance This deal doesn’t make any sense however you look at it. We are pioneers in the field of “big data” I just heard about “big data” and I’m hoping to add a P/E point to our share price   We have a first mover advantage Our competitors are waiting to see if we fail before following us into this market.

I wonder if Mr. Beevers would consider doing alternate commentary over some of the more popular calls?

In any case, if you’d like for the things that your CEO says to get more traction, consider having IR Smartt make your call into a podcast or an audio FAQ.

Tim Howard

Tim is our CEO at IR Smartt Inc. He leads the strategy and business development teams, driving the company forward. Tim's previous professional experience included extensive work in Journalism and Online Publishing.