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IR for Austin-based companies

Is yours one of the many public companies who are moving their operations to the Texas Capital?
Austin is home to a burgeoning tech scene and a wealth of new-media talent. Working with
our agency provides your company with unique access to these talented professionals.

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In 2012, IR Smartt moved our head office to the south-side of Austin, TX. The move was prompted by the need for us to hire specific staff and the desire for us to be close to our clients, many of whom are in the energy industry in Texas. You can now find us at 1107 S. 8th St – behind Gibsons’s pub and Odd Duck.

We regularly attend meetings organized by the Austin San-Antonio NIRI Chapter and will be looking to put on our own events during 2015 in collaboration with a range of the investor relations professionals in Austin.


if you’re stopping by for SXSW or another local event, feel free to let us know

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get ready to dominate the online conversation around your company

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