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Why companies prioritize design in IR communications

Good design is becoming an increasingly important consideration for companies as they communicate with key stakeholders This is for good reason: Our brains are prewired to consume, process and synthesize visual information more quickly than any other stimuli. That’s why good design improves our…

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A Handy Earnings Glossary

Tom Beevers over at Stockviews [1], who's more entertaining than us, and more cynical, has compiled a handy list of things CEOs commonly say on earnings calls, and what they actually mean. The whole list is worth a read, but…

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62% of Analysts use mobile tech for research

In an unsurprising development, our friends at Q4 web systems have blogged along this graphic, indicating that analysts are increasingly using mobile technology to do research. Furthermore, 43% of those surveyed indicate that they use social networks to learn more…

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