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Latest SEC Social Media Ruling Is Nothing New

Plenty has been made of the SEC's Social Media Guidance this month. Much of the criticism of the Guidance seems to make the point that the SEC has not gone far enough in laying out a framework for the use of Social Media for disclosure. While you could make that argument, we feel that the 2008 ruling on the use of company websites for disclosure actually makes things pretty clear. (more…)

SEC Decision will be tougher on Investors than Public Companies

The SEC's recent Social Media guidance is a great thing for companies like ours who have been actively championing the use of Social Media by companies to disclose material information. With the green light officially given, the potential is there for a huge shift by public firms of all sorts towards Social Networks. (more…)

Is It Permissible To Release News Through Social Media? It Depends.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently released a report outlining approval of the use of Social Media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter for the dissemination of material non-public information by corporations, as long as certain requirements are met. The report began as an investigation into Netflix $NFLX after a non-sanctioned disclosure by the firm's CEO on his personal Facebook profile but is now being held up as the green light for the use of Social Media for Investor Relations. (more…)

Investor Relations: Social Media Disclaimer

After doing much research online, we've found about the best Social Media disclaimer possible. We highly recommend using something like the text below (with the "Our Company" text exchanged) on your Facebook and Google+ pages. It's probably a good idea to also devote a specific page on your corporate website to publishing the following social media disclaimer. Feel free to edit as necessary! (more…)