Getting the attention of investors is difficult. Online, that’s doubly true. Internet pundits
and commentators are winning the battle online by out-publishing public companies
8 to 1. Corporate blogs can help you take back control of your online message.


Content creation is a well respected internet marketing principle, the lessons of which, you can apply to marketing your company to investors. Corporate blogs provide your management team with the opportunity to clarify their thinking, explain their motivations and do it all in a controlled environment that investors will find valuable. Creating blog content gets the word out to investor communities, diminishes the impact that other pundits can have and makes you the center of gravity for opinion on your industry.


Controlling the online conversation around your company means making your corporate website the primary source of information and commentary on your stock. The figure below shows why. There is a 71% chance that an investor researching your company will ‘Google’ the company name rather than punching in your website URL. That’s almost 3/4 of potential investors who are stumbling into SeekingAlpha blog posts and other commentary rather than reading your materials. Corporate blogs are one of tools you can use to fight back.




Each time you issue a press release there are going to be questions raised about its content. By not answering these questions proactively, you leave the online network of financial commentators to provide your investors with the color they’re looking for. We suggest creating a blog post each time you issue a press release. Keep it to 500-600 words and answer the questions you think investors will have about the release. This isn’t a material disclosure, but a chance to talk about the most recent disclosure.


Our research shows that the vast majority of investors will search a company or its CEO rather than typing in your corporate website URL and then navigating to the content they want. The result is that your home page isn’t really your home page. The first point of contact that your investors have with your company is the first page of Google. Why does this matter? Because other content producers (SeekingAlpha, MotleyFool etc.) are stealing your investors away from your corporate website using blog and video content.

Controlling your keywords is critical. When someone researching your stock puts your company name into Google they should see your website, blog, social profiles and videos. Not the opinions of a few low-value retail shareholders with a microphone. Corporate blogs will give you this ability and more.


Content publishing tools are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. While it might be best to have a corporate blog attached to your website, we also suggest placing blog content and commentary in other forums. Why can’t your CEO have a blog on SeekingAlpha? Why can’t your director of operations use LinkedIn’s publishing tools? The answer is, they can! And with our help, they can use these publishing tools effectively to control what niche investors think of your business.


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