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Creating simple yet effective CEO videos


Your CEO is one of the most effective investor relations tools in your armory. The best way to deploy them? By making simple, effective CEO videos. Check out how easily they can be produced by following the example of one of the world’s best.

Why Use Video?

We’ve discussed the advantages of visual communication with investors a lot here recently. Corporate videos have become increasingly important as communication tools. Forbes has reported that over 75% of executive watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. Video will occupy 25% of Internet usage time by 2017. If your corporation isn’t putting your CEO on video, you’re not using the most effective digital communication tool you have access to.

The Bill Gates Formula

Bill Gates’ video welcoming Satay Nadella to the new role is 1min 44secs and very simple. It’s a perfect example of how effective short, simple videos can be. If you’ve been looking for the perfect example to help get your CEO or other C-suites on camera, here you go. A massive organization, a huge piece of company news, the world’s richest man. And yet, there’s no flashy graphics, no credits, he’s not even in a studio! Just some well-written words,delivered by the man himself, produced and shared in a timely manner. It’s really that easy.

The Challenge of Length

The question of how long your video should be is tough to answer. It’s almost like asking, how long should the prepared remarks of your earnings call be? The answer is: it really depends. What is important to remember is that the longer your video runs, the less likely the entire thing will be played to the viewer. That means that making your video longer doesn’t necessarily mean more content will be absorbed. the average length of a Youtube video is just 4 min 20 seconds. However, we think your CEO video can get the message across much faster than that. Get in touch with our digital investor relations team for more ideas on video length.

Impact on Search

Have you ever Googled your CEO? Give it a shot now, we’ll wait. Ok, now that you’ve seen what’s out there, here’s another advantage to using simple CEO videos; they have a huge impact on your CEO’s search visibility. Most companies have their heads around how to structure a press release for SEO, but few consider that content is the best way to effect search engines. If there’s negative press online that talks about your CEO or other senior management, consider releasing a simple CEO video and you’ll see an immediate impact on negative publicity in search results.

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