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How to limit social media response time

social media response time

Responding to info requests via social media is sometimes a difficult thing to do. First you need to determine who the message is from, this requires keeping and maintaining a detailed investor CRM. Then, you’ll need to determine who the message is intended for through your decision tree. Then finally, it’s time to assign the response to the appropriate team member at your company. That process can take time, and in social media its time you just don’t have. This video covers how investor relations firms and IROs are able to reduce their social media response time.

Sheryl Joyce and Darrell Heaps of Q4 Web Systems and Tim Howard from IR Smartt join together to answer the question “How should public companies limit social media response time?” This video, taken from a full discussion of the topic in a Google Hangout in 2012 explains some of the finer points of reducing response times in social media messaging. This has a lot of good information for for IROs who use video as an investor relations tool. If you’re currently using products like Twitter in your earnings call marketing or as part of your social media disclosure process, this video will help you understand message escalation as it applies to internal communications.

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