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How to maximize your press release Tweets


You know that peer or competitor you have whose Tweets you just can’t escape? The one that follows you around the web no matter how hard you try to make them invisible? Guess what, you can be that annoying. Or more accurately, your press release can get that kind of online exposure with one simple tweak to your current process. Get ready to Tweet your press release without ever sending a press release Tweet.

Why Tweets matter

Tweets mean audience. But that doesn’t mean it has to be your audience. In this instance, we need to distinguish between your company’s audience and the audience for your company’s story. It might sound like semantics, but its an important distinction. While your company might not be ready to launch a social media disclosure strategy, or even engage with investors in social media, that doesn’t mean your content is invisible online. In fact, the audience for your news could be significantly greater than you think. You can use an inbound ir tool to try and decipher the audience your website enjoys or a business intelligence report to give you data on the online reach of your digital investor relations content. Whether you’re satisfied with your reach at that point isn’t really important; what does matter though is that you can get more eyes on your press releases without lifting so much as a finger.

Give investors the tools

As we’ve alluded to, you can customize your press release to be Tweeted by other Twitter users. This doesn’t mean your company needs its own Twitter account or needs to Tweet press releases as they are released. All that’s involves is adding a couple of lines of code to the links in the press release in whatever platform you use to send out your material disclosures. The best free tool that we’ve employed to date is ClickToTweet which can help bolster your Twitter presence and Tweet your press release content by providing a range of customizable link sharing options for readers of your press release.

Reach and SEO

The average press release receives 5,000+ views. But only the upper 2% get over 10,000. So to give your company the best possible chance to hit the upper echelon, its critical that you add any tools you can that could increase press release Tweets. This is where ClickToTweet comes in. Using the free service, you can add dozens of different links to your content. This has the added bonus of being an excellent press release SEO best-practice as it create dozens of inbound links to your IR website.

What IROs Say

Sure, you could just continue to rely on people tweeting out your press release, but this little tool can help you increase the number of people doing that, by making it much easier for them to do so. It also allows you to give them something different than the headline to share; snippets that you can customise – think interesting stats, quotes, etc. Bear in mind of course, that this can also be used for all kinds of written content: company blog posts, youtube descriptions, etc. If you’ve already tried out this tool, let us know what kind of response you got.

Action items

Most press release providers will give you the option to add html to your press release somewhere. Using Links created in ClickToTweet will give you the chance to drive traffic from all those website that aggregate and re-publish your press release. ClickToTweet can also be employed on a interactive earnings infographic when you’re looking for ways to re-purpose your earnings release. If you’ve added non-gaap financial metrics to your infographic, clickable links can see these pushed far and wide through the web.

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