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IR for the Bay Area

Like many startups who move to Austin, TX seeking investment capital to hire staff,
IR Smartt actually started in the heart of San Francisco back in 2011. The company
still retains a West-coast presence at our Peninsula office in Belmont, CA.

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IR Smartt began developing our business in the summer or 2011 around the San Francisco Bay. Several of our directors, senior management and our financial department are still based in the Bay.

Our main California offices are located in the hills behind Belmont, while we are able to take client meetings and conduct strategy session in downtown San Francisco as well. While San Francisco is typically viewed as being the heart of the tech industry, we often attend mining, minerals and resources conference in town.


if you’re stopping by for SXSW or another local event, feel free to let us know

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get ready to dominate the online conversation around your company

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