How Has The IR Landscape Changed?

The SEC recently released a report approving the use of Social Media channels for dissemination of material non-public information.This clarifies the 2008 guidance on the use of websites and opens the door for public companies to establish relationships with stakeholders in Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter.

“Most Social Media is perfectly suitable for communicating with investors, as long as investors know where to get the latest company news…”

- Latest SEC Report


- Cost vs Engagement

How Will The SEC Ruling Affect You?

Smart companies will use this opportunity to reduce IR costs and labor, find new investors and limit the effects of industry influences. The ruling removes the cost barrier to disseminating company news and lets companies take control of their own messaging format and publication timeframes.

How Can IR Smartt Help?

We specialize in providing Social Media strategies to Public Companies. By working with us, you’ll enhance executive branding, create investor leads, be fully informed of industry changes and still find time for traditional Investor Relations.

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- Dig Media Inc

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