2012 Best Practice

Optimizing Press Releases For Social Media

Social Networks provide your public company an excellent opportunity to get more eyes on your Press Releases. While you may know how to "SEO" your Press Release, optimizing it for Social Media using a few quick measures can dramatically improve your visibility and website conversions. So, what elements are essential when publishing a Press Release that you hope to share in Social Media? Below you'll find our Best Practices for 2012. Continue reading “Optimizing Press Releases For Social Media” »

2012 SEO For Press Releases

Adding the correct Search Engine Optimization (SEO) elements to your Press Release is an essential step in creating highly visible online PR. While many guides on SEO for Press Releases are available online, few make use of 2012's Best Practices. The following is our take on what you should be doing this year to make your PR go as far as possible in natural search. Continue reading “2012 SEO For Press Releases” »