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Using Facebook for disclosure of material information


Facebook pages were once heralded by some investor relations firms as the next innovation in shareholder communication. Though in the wake of the Facebook IPO, press surrounding Social Media fatigue has reached fever-pitch. The response from many public companies has been to withdraw from Social Media and Facebook particularly thinking that this critical investor relations tool is more effort than its worth.

R “Ray” Wang put together a great article last week titled Avoiding Social Media Fatigue Through Engagement and we believe you can do exactly that. The withdrawal of many competitors from the Social Media landscape is only more reason that your public company should be doing it’s best to engage stakeholders through channels like Facebook.


Craft Relevant Cover Images

It’s not good enough to simply put up the header of your website. Instead, we recommend that corporate Facebook page provide value to analysts and investors with stock ticker info, company taglines and finally, overlaying your company logo or another branding asset for recognition. Also, change your cover image regularly. If you have a trade show coming up or a news release just out, add this information graphically to the top of your corporate Facebook page within the cover.

Create A Vanity URL Like This

One of your simplest online branding tasks should be to claim or create the vanity URL of your company on social networks. This is step one in your Facebook investor relations strategy. Make sure your company is recognizable through your vanity URL before you even think about using Facebook for disclosure. To set this, visit: facbeook.com/username/. Once you have 25 fans you’ll be able to set your URL.

Highlight Your Corporate Presentation

On feature for corporate Facebook pages that is highly underutilized is the “Highlight” function of the Facebook Timeline. Use Highlighting to keep relevant information front and centre on the page. This way users don’t have to go digging for it.

Highlight Your Corporate Video

Same concept, different media. Lead with the content you believe to be most compelling for stakeholders or retail shareholders who have arrived on your page through your social engagement practices.

Add Maps And Location Information

Adding location info to your social media listings gives the profile a significantly higher chance of appearing in location-based search results. Also, the headquarters of your company is a vital piece of information that stakeholders will seek out.


Creating enthusiasm around a corporate Facebook page can be really tough, especially if you’re working for a Startup or a Junior Company. The secret is to focus on engagement, not followers as the key to your Facebook disclosure policy. By following these few engagement tips and saying relevant things to the right people, you’ll be able to achieve a much greater level reach for your IR program’s Facebook page and by extension more visibility for your earnings call.

Mention Other Pages (Sources) In Your Posts

When you find good content, don’t try pass it off as your own. Instead, find the original creator, “Like” their page and then mention it when you re-post the content. This is both a great social engagement and content strategy. This is done for you if you are re-sharing, but if you stumble across something awesome in your business intelligence, it’s well worth taking the time to generate that connection. You’ll likely have the content re-shared by the original creator and thereby get your company in front of their followers as well.

Comment As Your Company Page

In another recent post of ours titled ‘Commenting as a Facebook fan page is now a thing’ we explained that the Facebook Commenting system now allows you to place comment by a Page on a web article. Saying something valuable to the conversation will increase company visibility and reader sentiment.

Vary Post Content

Since company press releases are usually quite dull in terms of formatting, it’s a great idea to mix up your content during low company news periods. Engagement rates increase significantly when posting single images and videos to the Timeline. Try to throw in at least one or two of these per week so that your corporate facebook page has color. Another good idea is to create Slideshows and Info-graphics from the data published in your press releases in the weeks after they’re published. Graphically displayed data is shown to greatly enhance comprehension so this may also help maximize audience retention of information.This is a basic way to start out using facebook for Investor Relations communications.


The first step here is to forget about Likes. Yes, one of the purposes of Social Media is to create a following for the Company. But the engagement of audience is far more critical than its size.


Engagement is driven by high-quality, well-timed content. The result is a high level of Reach. If a Social Media company reports that they’ve delivered you 1000 followers in a month, that’s great, but how many more legitimate eyes are on your content? Total Reach is the best measure of the ROI of your Facebook strategy. If you see it dipping, your audience is not being engaged by relevant content. Stem the tide and be more pro-active in engaging with users using the steps outlined above.

Facebook To Web Conversions

It’s great if all your posts on Facebook are being shared and reaching a large audience. But ultimately, we run a Facebook campaign to get more eyes on our press releases and company content. An excellent measure of this is the Facebook to Web conversion metric provided by Google Analytics. While you won’t be driving traffic daily from Facebook, the idea is to make the spikes you see below as high as possible by maintaining that engaged audience through slow news periods.


This is just the tip of the Facebook iceberg. For more information about implementing a Facebook Strategy for your corporate Facebook page, please visit our Social Engagement page or Contact Us for a more detailed explanation of any of the points you’ve found here on If programs Facebook page issues.

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