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IR for Vancouver and Canada

The founders of IR Smartt originally met in Vancouver, to pitch a tech deal.
In the past 4 years, senior management has left YVR, but many of our staff
still work out of our Canadian office on Pender St and in North Van.

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Despite being based in Austin, Texas our firm has a range of Canadian clients. To support them, we maintain a downtown Vancouver office that houses our core project management team. With Canada being home to a range of tech, Marijuana and 3D Printing deals, we plan to spend much more time in BC over the coming years.

Vancouver has many of the best resources conferences in the world. The city itself is home to some of the greatest natural attractions you’ll find anywhere on the planet, so where we’re there we usually try to visit Whistler and Vancouver Island to soak up the local culture.


if you’re going to be in town for a conference or some thrill seeking, please let our team know

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get ready to dominate the online conversation around your company

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