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62% of Analysts use mobile tech for research

In an unsurprising development, our friends at Q4 web systems have blogged along this graphic, indicating that analysts are increasingly using mobile technology to do research.


Furthermore, 43% of those surveyed indicate that they use social networks to learn more about the companies they cover “almost always”, and another 30% use the networks as a research tool “sometimes”.

The trend towards using social networks for investment research doesn’t have special meaning behind it. Analysts aren’t any different than the rest of us; they want current, digestible, human-created information. While assessing a current situation or condition, It’s hard to imagine a better indicator of current sentiment than a cruise through its twitter hash tag.

IR Smartt remains baffled by the number of public companies who maintain a hear-no-info approach to their social media profile. In many cases staying away from outbound engagement makes perfect sense, but the denizens of the internet are going to have and share opinions about companies whether those companies like it or not. In many cases, what they’re saying is valuable. The analysts know it, do public companies?

Tim Howard

Tim is our CEO at IR Smartt Inc. He leads the strategy and business development teams, driving the company forward. Tim's previous professional experience included extensive work in Journalism and Online Publishing.