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Case Study in Maximizing Content Exposure

maximize content exposure

The following is one of our original client case studies which outlines the basic points for maximizing content exposure within a network of websites. This project was wayyy back in 2012 which seems like a decade ago. If you were actually looking for earnings call marketing ideas, or media monitoring case studies, you won’t find them here. But read on to see where IR Smartt has come from in the last 3 years.

Aims and Objectives

Greater reach for content

By engaging with major Social Media influencers, INN is creating a huge 2nd degree network for our content to extend and spread through. This will be one of the primary ways we maximize the content exposure of the network. INN’s content will have a greater ability to reach new and varied online audiences. We’re becoming more active in online groups and forums, giving our content the chance to reach as many readers as possible.

More overall website traffic

With more eyes on our Social Media profiles, we’re also aiming to drive increased website views across our network. With more new and returning visitors, will come greater visibility in search and ever more opportunities for both retail and institutional investors to find your company on the Investing News Network.

Shared Social Media connections

As a result of the great work done by our editorial team over the past few years, we’ve developed extensive networks of loyal investors who rely on our content to make smart investment decisions. Many of these readers have begun following our Social Media profiles. One of the primary objectives of our recent network updates is to allow INN’s clients to share in our success by engaging with our Social Media followers.

Changes to INN Social Media

New Branding and Networks

We’ve enhanced our Social Media activity for Resource Investing News, Gold Investing News and Silver Investing News by adding two new Facebook and Google+ pages, a Slideshare account and new LinkedIn branding. We’ll be using these to promote new Feature Articles as well as Press Releases for clients and begin creating a multimedia library to generate Investor Leads.

Resource Investing News

resource investing news resource investing news investing news network resource investing news

Gold Investing News

gold investing news gold investing news gold investing news

Silver Investing News

silver investing news silver investing news silver investing news

Customized messaging for clients

We’ve tweaked our social media strategy this month so that every client will now receive their own customized Social Media messages. How does it work? Anytime your company publishes a Press Release with INN, we’ll take that news release, add prefix text including your Twitter handle (@company) and your Cashtag ($TSX.CA) and push it out through our Social Media profiles.


TSX Cuts Loss as Gold Rebounds


@TMXGroup $TSX.CA “TSX Cuts Loss as Gold Rebounds”

Greater focus on Interaction and Influencers

INN has increased our personal approach to Social Media. We’ve begun asking followers for feedback on our features and are encouraging commenting and sharing by our followers. We’re also encouraging conversation with our authors so readers can help shape the content on our network.

We’re working to create relationships with the most influential online financial and market analysts. We’re tracking lists of these people and organizations daily and communicating in real-time to establish more visibility for our clients.

Benefits for clients

Greater visibility within INN’s Social Networks

Our new customized messages are aimed specifically at generating more exposure for the news releases our clients publish with us. By including detailed profile information and #Cashtags in the messages we send, our clients will have greater visibility within our own Social Networks.

More opportunities to connect with Investors in Social Media

This increased visibility will also mean fewer steps for our followers to connect with your company’s Social Media profiles. Where previously they would have needed to copy, paste and search for your company name and stock symbol, any of our followers will now be able to jump instantly to your company’s Social Media profiles with one click of their mouse.

Ways to take advantage

Update your Social Media profile text with your regional “Cashtag”

What is your Cashtag?

In almost every instance, your cashtag is your corporation’s stock symbol E.g. $NYSE or $APPL.

Depending on the exchange your company is listed on however, it might be necessary to use a post-script on your cashtag to ensure it’s not confused with another company using the same symbol on another exchange. For example, if your company is listed on a Canadian exchange, the generally accepted cashtag nomenclature is to add .CA after your stock symbol. E.g. $TMX.CA.

maximum content exposure

How to do it on Twitter:

maximizing content exposure

How to do it on Facebook:

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Visit your Company Page using the navigation top-right of screen
  • Change your “About” text to include your Cashtag

maximize content exposure

How to do it on Google+:

  • Login to your Google+ account
  • Visit your Company Page suing the navigation top-right of screen
  • Change your “About” text to include your Cashtag

Create a search for your company AND your $cashtag

What’s the best way to do this?

Using a Twitter client like Hootsuite, TweetDeck or SproutSocial.

Check daily for Twitter mentions and use of your $cashtag

What’s the best way to do this?

Login Daily to your Twitter client, especially on days when you’ve published news and be sure to respond to anyone on Social Media who have mentioned your company. We believe daily monitoring of cashtags and quick responses are a great way to maximize content exposure with users outside our existing network.

Tim Howard

Tim is our CEO at IR Smartt Inc. He leads the strategy and business development teams, driving the company forward. Tim's previous professional experience included extensive work in Journalism and Online Publishing.