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In 2011, knowing that the securities and exchange commission would eventually release a ruling allowing the use of social media for material disclosure, our founders created IR Smartt to help investor relations professionals navigate the implications of the ruling. We did not know at the time that this would still take two years to come about. In the interim, we developed formulas for publicly listed companies to use social media to enhance the reach of their disclosures while at the same time petitioning for the SEC to change its policy.

In April of 2013, the inevitable came to pass when the SEC ruled in the Netflix decision that if previous notice is given, public companies may communicate with their investors using social media profiles. The change was not unexpected, but it has ushered in a new era of investor communication. Social data is now integrated directly into various financial news and research tools. Social sentiment is used as a key indicator of a company’s health and prosperity by buy-side analysts looking for strategic investment advantages.

Since then, we’ve developed social media campaigns for a range of public companies in the United States and Canada. Social media and digital marketing strategies can work for companies of any size, our clients currently range in size from just $50M in market capitalization on the low end to over $60B on the high end.


At the beginning of 2015, IR Smartt made a small pivot to allow us to focus our efforts more intensely on two core service offerings; digital content and digital campaigns. Our digital content services include the creation of Infographics, Podcasts, Audio FAQs, Corporate Blogs and Micro-content. We understand the time challenges of the investor relations profession, so our aim is to create many of these materials using a process of content repurposing. This allows the IROs who work with us to minimize the time they spend creating digital content.

Despite this shift, we have retained our industry-leading social media in order to deliver a range of digital campaigns. Understanding that the earnings season is a highly stressful period of time each quarter, we have developed a unique combination of services that we call our earnings campaigns. In addition, we are one of the first digital agencies to embrace the use of inbound marketing strategies to connect IROs with investors. You can see more about our unique approach to Inbound IR campaigns here.


On the subject of Inbound IR, 2015 will see the release of the worlds first Inbound tool for IROs to manage prospects, their investor CRM and outbound messaging strategy. The Alpha and Beta phases of this project will be available in Q1, 2015 to any members of our newsletter list. To join the program and get advanced access to the first inbound IR tool, feel free to contact us


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