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Facebook Helps With Internal Message Escalation


Does your team struggle with handling incoming messages from investors and internal message escalation? If so, Facebook could have just come to your rescue. The new feature that shows company page admins which of their counterparts are responding to messages provides an excellent framework for handling requests from investors.


Facebook now allows page admins to see what one another are doing. It’s a simple change to the interface with big implications for communicating across and within departments. Being able to see if a message has been responded to already is great, but knowing that the HR team has taken care of it is better. You can now see exactly who on your internal team has responded to the request.


This has been needed for a while, and we can see this being used as a training tool more than anything. If there are multiple staff members (or departments) able to post on your company’s Facebook page, this will immediately tell you who has posted what. This might also be useful if you’re working with an outside IR firm. Say you’re away from the office, and a colleague posts something you would have worded differently, or there was a typo, etc: Instead of emailing 2-3 people and flagging this, you can see exactly who posted it, get in touch with them, and rectify the situation. Likewise, it’ll be clear to you who is doing a great job, and who needs a little coaching so they fall in line with your digital investor relations strategy.


Before you start sending out messages on Facebook, you should ensure your Facebook page has been made a verified disclosure channel according to your company’s social media disclosure checklist. Also, if you’re posting relevant investor information to Facebook, like press releases and earnings etc, try to also employ an inbound investor relations tool for monitoring the traffic that comes back to your site and cross-referencing it with your investor CRM.


The best content for Facebook is visual content. And luckily, there are a range of ways you can graph data for investors. A great way to get started with creating visual investor content is to re-purpose your earnings release into bite-sized pieces that can be shared through your social media strategy.

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