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Generating IR leads through Slideshare

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Slideshare now offers a whole host of functions that can assist you in driving traffic to your company website, providing content to financial bloggers and generating new IR leads. Turning your press releases into corporate presentations and uploading them to Slideshare also provides dozens of unseen SEO opportunities that public companies can benefit from.

Where should content come from?

For us, content (this basis of your content strategy) can come from anywhere in your IR program. We regularly collaborate with other content creators, borrowing from their blog posts and news items to create vibrant powerpoint presentations. The general idea being to take the (sometimes dry) content from a simple web page, brighten it up, add images and simplify the content into the major salient points so they an be used together to create infographics.

The same can be done with a public company’s press releases. The mast majority of company news has very little flavor. Granted, this has a lot to do with legal departments and word count restrictions. But once the information in the release is freely available to the public, making a slideshow with maps, images, contact and author information makes the data significantly more exciting and easy for readers to digest.

So that this:

Becomes this:

Advantages for content storage

As you’ve probably seen when using Internet Explorer on your old PC, screen resolution and browser version make a huge difference in viewing media. This is a difficult consideration but something that should factor into your content strategy. One major advantage of using Slideshare for your corporate presentations is that their display will be standardized across multiple websites and Social Networks – irrespective of hardware.

By making your presentations publicly available on Slideshare, you’ll also be providing a valuable resource to financial bloggers and content aggregators. These individuals regularly embed content from digital media kits (corporate presentations, infographics etc) into their blog posts and news items to give them color and keep visitors on page for longer. The result is that you’ll have other people promoting your company without you having to lift a finger. It’s one of the simplest ways to create passive investor leads.

When a user loads your web page, this information has to come from somewhere. Usually this is from your website’s server. But by using Slideshare to store your content and then embedding your presentations using an iFrame, you’ll dramatically improve website performance and page load times. This is great for user experience and for social media SEO.

Sharing through Social Media

Slideshare has excellent integration with various other Social Networks and we believe is a very under-utilized investor relations tool. These features allow viewers to promote your company’s content with the click of a button. While most press releases on a wire service might have an “email share” function, very few will provide the ability for a reader to post the release to an variety of their Social Media profiles. This is a great way to outsource some of your marketing to your retail shareholders.

Note: Slideshare is the web application that integrates best with LinkedIn. Take advantage of this by promoting your content within LinkedIn. By getting a few hundred views on the same day, you’ll find yourself in the “Hot on LinkedIn” list on the Slideshare homepage – which can give you up to 10x the traffic you can expect otherwise.

Tracking results

Detailed analytics is becoming a prerequisite for any Social Network. Slideshare offers a few different sets of information commensurate with the membership subscription you have. But even on the cheapest user account (about $20 a month) you can great some great info on:

  • Embed and Website Views
  • Download Frequency
  • Tweets and Mentions
  • User Location
  • Facebook Likes

Wire services don’t give anywhere near this kind of data. Armed with it, you can make valuable decisions about where to spend your earnings call marketing dollars and where your audience is most active online. Remember though, every view is additional to your traditional PR.

Website conversions

Social Media is best used to establish relationships with existing stakeholders. But the added benefit is of driving new potential shareholders to your corporate website. To establish the ROI of these visitors, check out our story on using Google Analytics for Investor Relations. Google Analytics provides the ability to measure exactly how many people have arrived on your website from Slideshare (or any other Social Network for that matter). By embedding links in your presentations, you can drive traffic straight to your website even if they’re embedded on somebody else’s financial blog.

Capture IR leads on Slideshare

Here’s where Slideshare really shines, creating Slideshare IR leads. There are very, very few ways to create a ‘social media lead’. Of those, embed forms at the end of a Slideshare presentation are by far the best. Using a paid version of the application, your company can insert a brief contact form before the final slide of all your corporate presentations. This lead capture is not highly customizable, but it is very simple and effective. By inserting a disclaimer into the content of the slide, you can automatically submit these leads to your Email Newsletter or to your IR Reps to contact directly. Invaluable!!


Many investor relations firms will have used Slideshare in their Investor Relations strategy before, but we hope these tips will allow your Public Company to further extend the online experience for your stakeholders. For more information on using Slideshare, or any other social media for investor relations, please feel free to contact us today for more information on IR Smartt’s products and services.

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