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How can IROs measure social media ROI?


Determining the return on investment (ROI) of social media is difficult at the best of times. There are lots of performance indicators to go on, but how do you put a number value on any of these? While website traffic and email subscribers numbers are excellent metrics to look at, they’re hard to value from an investor relations perspective. But whether you’re looking to incorporate a content strategy or social engagement campaign, you need to be able to measure success, somehow.

In the following video, Tim Howard, Darrell Heaps and Sheryl Joyce, try to answer the question, how can IROs measure social media ROI? While this is not an exact science, there are certain times of the year when ROI is easier to measure. In particular, if you’re trying to measure the impact of your earnings call marketing, social media analytics can be a valuable IR tool. ROI is also very much going to depend on the exact investment in time and resources on the part of your team. Some IRĀ firms will be able to get you significant discounts on various different services, but social media isn’t always one of them.

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