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How to find investors on LinkedIn


A phrase we often hear from IROs goes something like this: are investors on LinkedIn? Today we’ll address this and more. LinkedIn is powerful no matter what industry you’re in. Like other stakeholders, (employees, partners, etc…) your investors are on LinkedIn. Finding them, however, can be more difficult than you might think. Here’s our quick guide to help your public company find investors on LinkedIn as part of your social IR strategy.

Claim & Optimize your Corporate Page

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But it’s amazing how many corporations haven’t even claimed their corporate LinkedIn page. In fact, many don’t even realize they have one. Anytime an individual states their employment details on their personal LinkedIn profile, a corporate page is created. Which means your company might have multiple pages on LinkedIn that you’re not even aware of. Do a search for multiple versions of your company name to check for fraudulent pages. Once you’ve claimed the real one, add the correct company-approved branding and information.

Step #1 in finding your investor on LinkedIn is making your company’s materials visible and accurate. By claiming your corporate page and optimizing it with the correct info, graphics, and website URL, you’ll be on your way to creating passive investor leads by way of LinkedIn followers.

Find your company’s LinkedIn Contacts

Any good IRO should have a digital rolodex of the investors they communicate with as part of their digital IR strategy. This might be stored in your email contacts, your investor CRM or inbound investor relations platform. Once you’ve located it, LinkedIn has some simple upload tools to allow you to locate your investors. NOTE: not all your investors will be on LinkedIn, so don’t worry about the ones who aren’t. They will join at some point.

Create a Custom Ads Audience

Once you’ve found all your existing investors and their profiles, create a custom audience in LinkedIn Ads. This will allow you to show company updates in your investors’ news feeds. With the huge amount of content that LinkedIn currently holds, sometimes posts get lost. Creating a custom audience for LinkedIn Ads means your investors won’t ever miss a company update.

Use LinkedIn Search to Find Investors

People Search is one of the most effective free investor research tools. We use it to help our clients find investors that are active in social media and to research them prior to meetings and NDRs. An investor’s LinkedIn profile holds a wealth of information about their interests outside work, accomplishments in their professional careers, and more. Nuggets like this can be incredibly useful in allowing your management to establish a rapport with an investor during a pitch or meeting.

If you need specific information about an investor lead, we suggest getting on to LinkedIn Premium which gives you the ability to search LinkedIn profiles by the following characteristics:

  • function
  • seniority
  • interests
  • fund size

Find Leads by Company Hierarchy

Know the fund you want to target but not who to get in touch with? LinkedIn Companies search can give you all the details on the decision-makers at your target. We use it for internal referrals, to get quick introductions to buy-side analysts and more. Targeting junior analysts and asking for referrals or meetings can give you an excellent opportunity to practice your pitch before talking to a decision-maker.

Post Visual Content

Visual communication with investors is easily facilitated by LinkedIn. Earnings Infographics and other graphics make for excellent LinkedIn posts that have a greater chance of driving interactions than flat text or links. If you decide to post visual content, these are the posts that you should consider supporting with sponsored posts targeting your custom audience. Posting visual content that drives investors to a landing page is a way to find investors on LinkedIn without actually reaching out directly.

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