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Our Corporate Website Evolution

corporate website evolution

Our corporate website take #1 (2012)

We began operating in March of 2012 with a soft launch of our website and social media profiles. At that time, we elected to create a corporate website with a minimalistic look and feel. The result was our first generation website that you’ll be familiar with. But our corporate website evolution has been dramatic since then. The first site aimed to provide information for existing clients and an opportunity for some of our sub-contractors to work on a design concept.

Over the past six months, we’ve noticed that our volume of content has out-grown our original website design. As such, we’ve decided to work on a new design this month with room to grow our content base, diversify into multimedia (slideshows, videos and galleries) and develop in-depth client case studies. We probably didn’t completely understand what was required during the evolution of corporate websites. It’s was a big learning curve in 2012 as we tried to distinguish ourselves from investor relations firms.

Our corporate website evolution (2013)

Much of our marketing strategy over the past six months has centered around creating the highest possible quality content. During June and July we were publishing blog posts semi-daily and all those pages start to add up over a time. The new design concept has taken into account the future development of news, slideshows and videos for our audience of Investor Relations professionals.

Other New Features

Responsive Design

Whether you’re checking us out on your browser, tablet or mobile ir app, you’ll notice that you don’t need to scroll around to find the content. We built Version #2 to be completely responsive ensuring compatibility on any device or screen size.

Built with Twitter Bootstrap

We’ve utilized the Twitter Bootstrap framework to limit development time and deliver rapid prototyping during dev. These improvements in our web design process will be incorporated into future releases of investor relations tools.

Integrated with Social Media

For some reason, Version #1 didn’t have share buttons or proper commenting integration. This time around we’ve thrown in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Mailchimp and Disqus just in case you feel the need to spread the word.

Future Releases

Client Login

In the next few months we’ll be releasing IRSmartt.com Version 2.1 which will include a closed environment with profile and media storage for all of our clients.

Live Reporting

We’re still working on a series of campaign reporting plugins for our clients that will provide real-time reporting information on their Social Media and website activity. While web applications like Klout already provide some of this data, our offering will include website traffic and lead funnel information. The aim being, to prove the ROI of Social Media for any public company.

Our corporate website evolution (2014)

So now you’re looking at version 3. since the last release, we’ve changed our corporate identity and corporate branding. the site is still based on the WordPress CMS but we’ve moved the blog to a subdomain – you can find it at irsmartt.com/blog. We’ve also moved over to a full inbound marketing program with Hubspot so you’ll probably notice that if you download one of our resources like the free social media policy or the disclosure checklist then you’ll get an automated response and a link to download. That’s all based on the Hubspot platform. Just as an aside, we’re currently developing an inbound investor relations tool, to get early access checkout the link provided.

So basically, the new website has new branding, new resources and a stack of new content. We’re taking the time to re-work all our old blog posts and you’ll be seeing them on Twitter this month. Thanks folks!

Tim Howard

Tim is our CEO at IR Smartt Inc. He leads the strategy and business development teams, driving the company forward. Tim's previous professional experience included extensive work in Journalism and Online Publishing.